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Meet The Coach

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Mikhail Cooper,
Certified Professional Coach

M Cooper here. I hold an unwavering, maybe naive, belief in human potential. To me, there is always possibility and opportunity to become better and take oneself toward, what is deemed, the ideal self.

Going beyond being just a belief, I found myself magnetically drawn toward a space that would allow me to contribute to the overall development of human potential, in ways that are sustainable and empowering to the individual, first. This is where M Cooper Coaching was birthed.

Like you, I know what it feels like to be told what to do and told what is best for my life, based on someone else's, often uninformed, perspective. If you're like me, often times that advice just ends up being rejected.

The genesis of my coaching process entails acknowledging and accepting that you are the expert in your own life, with you knowing what is best for you and what will support and help move you forward, although it may not be immediately apparent.

To wrap this up, when we collaborate, you partner with an open minded, life-long learner, who is curious and as human as you are. My commitment to you is a commitment to your desired results.

Coach Cooper thank you. The biggest breakthrough for me is falling in love with rejection. This has allowed me to make more offers and get clients. If you're ready to make magic hire coach Cooper!

What People Say

When I met Mikhail, I really didn’t know what I wanted to achieve, my mind was all over, I only knew I was stuck at the time. He has helped me identify my goals and has helped me achieve some of them. He has since been my accountability partner who keep pushing me.

To be very honest, I was a bit skeptical about entering into the coaching sessions as I had no clue what to expect- the fear of the unknown I guess. Or perhaps, committing to working on me.

I'm so happy I made the decision to commit to those sessions. I can use them as a benchmark for holding myself accountable.

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