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You've got questions and that's ok. Here's how we respond to some of the most commonly asked questions that we receive.


What is coaching?

In simple terms, coaching is a process that takes you to specific resolutions.

The long version goes like this, we all have aspirations (ideas, goals, vision, etc.) that are requirements in varying aspects of our life, on a revolving basis.

Aspirations that we, artfully navigate, but, somewhere, out there exists ways to achieve these very same aspirations:

  • At a faster pace

  • With greater efficiency and accountability

  • Experiencing a higher yield of favorable outcomes

  • Expanded perspectives and potential

  • Strategies for success, developed by you, for you

As a bonus, you walk away empowered, along with a practical sense of connection to yourself and others.

On this journey, the coach accompanies you, as a supportive, unbiased figure, who maintains loyalty to your agenda's success.

Why choose coaching?

A sailor at sea is at the mercy of the sea. At this point the sailor and the sea are one in the same. You are the sailor, and your life is the sea, and you’re at its mercy.

Well, not entirely, but you are attached to your beliefs, perspectives, habits, adaptations and coping mechanisms. In other words, coaching helps you to see beyond those attachments.


Finally, we, tend to, know that we can do better; an investment in coaching is a step towards the ‘how’.

I do just fine, on my own, do I still need a life coach?

You don’t need a life coach. When persons come to coaching, the only needs that show up, are the need to be better and the need to succeed.

Yes, you do just fine, but is that all? Are you saying that ‘just fine’ is all that you’ve got or are willing to give?


Coaching presents you with the opportunity to tap into your underutilized and unrecognized potential areas.

What type of goals can I work on?

You set the agenda.

For reference, here is a list of areas that M Cooper has supported:

  • Scholarship/fellowship pursuit

  • Stagnation in career

  • Navigating career/job transitions, promotions and entrepreneurial ventures.

  • Communication skills for life, work and business

  • Inner work, toward a greater sense of life balance and purpose.

  • Time management for career success

  • Lost sense of purpose 

  • Confidence for difficult conversations (eg. justifying to the company why you deserve a pay raise)

All we need, is for you to know what makes achieving your goal a necessity.

How long and often are the sessions?

Coaching engagements can last as long as the duration of the goal. However, we have observed that the best opportunity for sustainable change is well served by an engagement of at least 4 weeks, with individual sessions lasting, anywhere, between 45 minutes to 1 hour, once per week.


Additionally, some engagements, allow support and check-ins, between session occurrences. It all depends on the agreement made between the coach and yourself.

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