5 Questions That Provide Clarity, Enlighten and Empower Your Life

Updated: Oct 1

Les Brown said, “It’s hard to see the picture when you’re standing in the frame.” Simply put, this means that because of our familiarity and connection to our life and our story, we, somehow, miss ‘things’, as we navigate, along the way. Things that show up as details, in the form of, limiting beliefs, obstacles and constrained perspectives.

Sometimes we know of their existence but, more often than not, we don’t. It’s for this reason that I took the time to compile and deliver these 5 questions, with the hope that they provide clarity, enlighten and empower as you journey on, along your life.

1- Can my life be better?

Let’s be real, of course your life can be better and you deserve that but, where does it start? Would you believe me if I said that it starts with believing that you deserve better and owning that belief?

Think back to a time when you spoke about a topic that you wholeheartedly believed in. Do you remember the conviction, the drive, the pride and passion you felt? That’s the gift of belief and that’s the gift you’ll be granting to yourself when you believe you deserve better and own that belief. The form that that better life takes, depends on you.

2- What one thing can I do now, to start living a more fulfilling life?

Who says that you need a complete overhaul to begin living a more fulfilling life? Who said that a better, more fulfilled life only exists in some future moment? Not me and neither should you.

When it comes to seeing a more fulfilled life for ourselves, we usually envision this being some future moment and it’s an approach that ends up being the one that throws us off of the pursuit of that life. When the demands of life calls for our attention, the intent we held for making change, goes out the window.

I guarantee that there is, at least, one thing; one change; one adjustment that you can make in this very moment that is going to put you on route to your ideal life.

A good place to start is by taking action because, chances are, you already know what you need to do. Don’t worry, I’m not judging you. Just do it, because your most empowered moment is this one.

A good place to start is by taking action because, chances are, you already know what you need to do

3- Where do I want to be/What do I want in 6-12 months?

Have you ever heard of tunnel vision? Let’s pretend that you haven’t; according to britannica.com, tunnel vision is, “a condition in which you can see things that are straight ahead of you but not to the side.” In other words, you narrow your focus and become fixated on what you set out, in front of you, which, in this case, would be where you want to be/what you want in 6-12 months.

Adopting a tunnel vision mindset not only means that you have a clear vision of the desired outcome but that you are also pursuing your goals, desires and aspirations, while, intentionally, removing the distractions and obstacles that can and/or, tend to, get in your way.

Your chances of success increase when you take steps to achieve that success. Define that goal, write that goal and become obsessed with that goal.

4- What obstacles are standing in my way?

This one requires deep evaluation because, more times than not, the obstacles in our way, we have not, yet, seen or outrightly identified. At this point, if you are keen on doing the work, grab a sheet of paper because we’re about to get busy.

Single out one goal that is important to you and ask yourself, “what obstacles stand in the way?” Spend some time on this, write down the things that come up, take a break, come back to it and ask yourself, “what else is there?”

You’ll be surprised to see that you’ll identify more, and if you want to get, even more, wild, do this for a total of three times and see what you come up with.

5- How can I hold myself accountable?

I’ll admit, accountability looks differently according to what your desired outcome is, but no matter what, get in the habit of attaching accountability measures to every one of your goals; otherwise, you may find yourself falling off too easily.

For the sake of having a few ideas, accountability can show up as sticky notes on your desk, reminders in your calendar, an accountability buddy, scheduled progress reports, etc., and for the committed and serious-minded ones, this can even take on the form of working with a mentor, consultant or even a life coach.

It’s all about you and knowing what works best for you, will get YOU the best results.

Accountability can show up as sticky notes on your desk, reminders in your calendar, an accountability buddy, scheduled progress reports, etc…

As we wrap this all up, think about what just a little bit of clarity can do for you. Imagine that these questions are the headlights on your vehicle that you’re driving along a long, poorly lit road.

The road isn’t in complete darkness so it is quite possible that you’ll get to your destination without having the headlights on, but you’re most likely driving slowly, out of caution; missing turns, along the way, further delaying your journey; and, your vehicle is suffering from the wear and tear, of almost blind navigations.

On the contrary, picture, making that same journey but, this time, your headlights are on and providing clarity, on the road ahead of you; allowing you to move at a steady speed; prevent you from missing any turns, thus saving your time; and your vehicle remains in tip top shape, ready to take you to more places. Cheers!