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Steps to a Better Me: Give Yourself Some Credit

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Trick question: you set about, on a goal that encompasses multiple smaller goals, when should you celebrate?

A) The end of achieving the main goal

B) For the accomplishment of the smaller independent goals

C) Wait to be celebrated by others

D) I am too busy to celebrate

I, honestly, don’t know what the right answer is but for myself, I choose to practice B. For me practices such as this fall into the category of giving myself credit. What better support, believer and cheerleader can you get other than yourself?

It’s time to take the load off the shoulder of those who already give you credit, and remove the expectations that you have of those, who don’t give you credit. Give it to yourself. Know your worth.

Know your worth

Celebrate the little victories

A win is a win. Similarly, a victory is a victory and victories should be celebrated. Often times, we find ourselves so focused on the big picture that we fail to take notice of the individual pieces that make up that picture.

No, it doesn’t need to be extravagant, in nature, but a pat on the back, a nice meal, a day off, or however it shows up for you, can go a long way. It’s the acknowledgement that counts.

Affirm Yourself

Affirm, empower and boost YOU. Yes, it feels good being affirmed by those who matter and even from strangers, but it leaves you with a yearn for approval, from others and possibly stuck acting a role, for that approval. What happens if external affirmations never come?

This is why it’s necessary for you to affirm yourself, for the work you do; the accomplishments you achieve; your commitment, tenacity, and drive. When you affirm you empower.

It’s necessary for you to affirm yourself, for the work you do; the accomplishments you achieve; your commitment, tenacity, and drive.

You control the dosage

Think of a stressful situation and the body reacts as if it’s actually in a stressful situation and this is the body’s stress response, which happens for real or imagined threats. What if it was possible to trigger a sense of accomplishment, along the way, as you embark on long term goals?

Now, let’s imagine that we can trigger a response of accomplishment and encouragement in the body by praising, affirming and giving ourselves the credit, we deserve. As a matter of fact, we don’t even need to imagine as studies have found that persons who self-affirm experienced activity in areas of the brain, related to self–processing (the self–image) and reward.

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Go on, give yourself that added boost of confidence; I’m not going to judge you for it. As a matter of fact, this is your story and you should be doing whatever it takes to guarantee your success. Give yourself some credit

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