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Steps to a Better Me: If You’re Waiting to Get Started, You’re Doing it Wrong

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

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It’s fairly certain that at some point in life, we’ve met a person who just wants to do something but is always waiting on some ‘necessary’ timing or thing to get started. Eventually, we lose the hope that they would ever get started, because they can always justify why they can’t get started.

Maybe, we’re that person; I know that I’ve been there before. Once upon a time, I accepted that I worked best under pressure because the rush was exhilarating and I somehow managed to get by, with great results. This wasn’t true and I eventually recognized it. I did work good under pressure, but I wasn’t my best, not even close.

Maybe, we’re that person

Somewhere along, I tried, for experimental purposes, not waiting till the last minute, and, with the difference being galaxies apart, I felt less stressed; I completed things ahead of time, which afforded me time to review; and, finally, I tapped into new potential.

If you’re waiting on the right time, the right motivation, or some form of approval, then you might be doing it wrong, but there isn’t a fast and hard, designed to encapsulate every situation, in existence. Some things do need an appropriate time to arrive, for various reasons, such as time and finances, but, for our focus, we’re aware of the context being referred to; the ones that do not support us, as well as we have come to think.

Imagine an ideal world, where we do not ALLOW ourselves to delay getting started, applying tactics that takes the dread off of tasks. One of those tactics sees us starting with the simplest of things that we can get out of the way and using the progression to build momentum that we can ride, right till the end.

… using the progression to build momentum that we can ride, right till the end.

Alternatively, we might try a tactic that sees us put the most challenging tasks, first. Just like starting with the simplest things, there’s that satisfying feeling of accomplishment, with each thing we get done but there’s also bonus relief, from knowing that we’ve gotten the most challenging objectives out of the way. We congratulate ourselves.

In that ideal world, what we wield best is knowing that when it comes to getting started, the best thing we can do is, just, get started. The voice in the head tries convincing us that it’s ok to delay, and as enticing as it sounds, we don’t listen. We remain in control, and empowered.

In an ideal world, we give ourselves the best opportunity to succeed…

In an ideal world, we give ourselves the best opportunity to succeed, not leaving room for failure, associated with unnecessary delay. We don’t stop there, because the us, in that world, utilizes support channels in friends, mentors, and coaches, ensuring a finish that’s less stressed, ahead of time, with time to review, tapping into, previously, untapped, potential.

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