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Steps to a Better Me: Why Other People's Advice Doesn't Really Matter

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Where do we even begin, with this one? I've met people who are very selective when it comes to who's opinions they consider and who's advice they take and it's admirable. The ability to unapologetically live a life that's fully supportive of your goals and visions has to be some sort of super power.

I would like to imagine that there is a sense of freedom and empowerment that comes along with that. What makes us even care about what other's think about our life and our story? If you have an answer, please share it with me; I want to know. In the mean time, we can look at why what others think, believe, say, impose, project onto our life doesn't actually matter.

It's your life to live

No matter what else we look at, this one is going to be paramount, in nature, because ultimately, you are responsible for making the decisions that best serve your bigger picture, and you should be able to trust yourself enough to make decisions that will work out favorably. If you don't, trust yourself, that's ok, because there are ways to work around that, such as sitting for 45 minutes, per week, with a life coach.

It is essential to set a foundation that YOU accept, when it comes to your own values and beliefs, so that you assure that you are living a life that is authentic to who you are and that alone makes it necessary to filter the free, unsolicited advice that comes your way. Whatever form your life takes on, you'll have to live with it, so make your opportunity to do so count.

You are responsible for making the decisions that best serve your bigger picture

They don't even know what they're doing

Before we move on, there is a need to acknowledge that some of the most advice giving people we meet have no idea about what they are doing, themselves. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure that most of them mean well, but they just have no clue. Additionally, not many persons consider the fact that what worked for them isn't guaranteed to work for you.

On top of not having a clue about what they're doing, many of the swiftest advice givers aren't qualified enough to give advice. I'm fairly certain that you won't go see an optometrist to talk about the toothache you've been having for the past few days, so don't get caught with a mismatched advice giver.

Not many persons consider the fact that what worked for them isn't guaranteed to work for you.

They view your life, through their eyes

They have a view about how your life should be lived, but this idea, about what works for you, will always be severely limited because they are not you. They lack the first person's perspective required to be in the driver's seat. Going forward solely on the input of others finds you living a life that's an extension of theirs.

The wisest amongst us know that to prevent themselves from becoming out of alignment with their own journey, they must be particularly cynical of the suggestive nature of persons, who cannot begin to fully comprehend the complexities of their story.

This certainly isn't about saying, that through the fluff there isn't going to be some relevant and useful advice coming at us; it's just that we need to be particularly critical about the ones we choose to accept.

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