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Truth be told: Boost Your Skills Acquisition with Macro-learning

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It’s no secret that the world of work is transforming at an extremely rapid pace. With this, we have seen jobs become obsolete as well as the creation of new job fields and categories, making it all the more important to position one’s self to keep up with these changing times. But how do you do that?

Enter Macro-learning.

Macro-learning tends to be the type of learning that focuses on a subgroup of a larger subject area (example social media marketing), that is delivered over the span of a few hours to a few weeks. It can have a facilitator, or be self paced but it will subscribe to some form of structure or format.

Why consider macro learning?

Macro-learning can be integrated into the incremental steps you take that drive you toward a destination. Some examples can be:

▪︎ You finishing your studies but not diving deeply into Microsoft Excel, during your studies. A program such as Microsoft Excel Essentials saves you the trouble of having to study an entire program, built around understanding Microsoft Office.

▪︎ Your yearn for a promotion or career change requires that you pick up some new skills that don’t require extensive training.

▪︎ You run a business and find yourself in need of some accounting know-how so that you can better manage your income and expenditure.

These are some areas that macro-learning can make sense.

Output exceeds Input

One of the greatest aspects of macro-learning is the convenience it brings. While some forms of macro-learning take place with a live facilitator, either, online or on-site, there has been a growing trend of them being offered online, in a self paced format, from platforms, such as coursera.

… there has been a growing trend of them being offered online, in a self paced format, from platforms, such as coursera.

Further, walking away with certificates that prove your newly attractive skill set, may just allow you to be on the receiving end of increased competence and earning potential.

Incremental Steps Toward a Goal

The pursuit of macro-learning reinforces your commitment to an end game. When paired with a roadmap for success, macro-learning allows you to take very targeted, strategic steps.

Additionally, today’s world of work has seen the introduction of highly specialized roles and functions that require only specific aspects of a broader field. Such as, learning social media marketing or digital marketing versus general marketing.

Utilizing macro-learning can save you on the amount of time and commitment that an entire diploma or degree may require.

A Tailored Pathway, Specific to You

… making macro-learning a worthy investment.

Sometimes a broader area of study doesn’t fit our needs, or whatever time we have and we need ways that allow us to customize the overall learning experience, to meet these specific needs.

The gaps that macro-learning fills, provide us with competitive edge and allows us to walk a path that can be, both, fulfilling and one that takes us to a desired outcome.

Whether you are a business owner, a new graduate or a seasoned professional, macro-learning adds the knowledge you need, in a manageable amount of time. Knowledge that in today’s world, sets you apart, empowers and propels you in the pursuit of your goals, dreams or desires, making macro-learning a worthy investment.