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Communicate The Life You Want

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

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What does the way you walk, the way you talk and the way you dress have in common? It’s all a part of the how and what you are communicating. To the external world, there’s never a moment that we are not communicating, or being assessed on the way we communicate, and this makes intentionality and awareness necessary factors, in ensuring that we get the desired results that we wish for.

“To the external world, there’s never a moment that we are not communicating”

So how do we ensure that we are communicating the ideal that we want? I have seen a great deal of success in persons, who start at the end. Identify, in great detail, the outcome that you are aiming for and work your way from there. What are you doing? Who are the people you’re with? Where are you? What this does is help you to create the bigger picture and ensures that you understand the assignment. You, then, go on to make sense of the requirements and condition yourself to see and seize the opportunities necessary to get you there.

What is your disconnect?

When your ideal is identified, a helpful step would be to identify the disconnects. In other words, what do you need to do or become to get you to where you want to be? The life you want has a type. What does that look like, and how is it aesthetically packaged? From here, you begin to connect the dots, in bridging the gap, to getting to your desired destination.

For more context, think of this example. Judith wants to garner the respect and attention of her immediate superiors so that she can present herself as someone who can represent the organization at stakeholder engagements. The only problem is that Judith, is extremely timid, doesn’t have the needed confidence and doesn’t present an image that matches a good choice, in company representation.

“Identify the disconnects

To get around this, Judith identifies where she wants to be, and begins her work, alongside a communication coach, for the sole purpose of maximizing her output, in a time much faster than she would, on her own. With this, Judith creates her desired results. Her timidness is countered with exercises in confidence, tailored for her, to the point that she receives mentions on it, from her colleagues and superiors.

Additionally, she begins to adjust her wardrobe to project a sharper, more professionally, polished image. One that aligns with her company’s likely choice, for stakeholder engagements. She goes even further, signing on to participate in various public speaking forums and groups, bolstering her ability to deliver her message in front of audiences, in fine style.

Get feedback

What do the people you know and those you encounter say about the way you walk, talk, laugh, shake hands, dress and even the tone of your voice? Are you taking your own notes by listening to recordings of yourself, checking your posture, watching videos of yourself? If not, you may want to start, so that you can use all these pieces to create an accurate enough picture of what you exude, and to know what areas work and what doesn’t.

This feedback becomes critical in taking you through the numerous barriers that stand in the way of the desired target. Information is your ally and what you do with that information can catalyze your ability to make contact with that place you are striving for.

Own it. Make it yours!

Authenticity behind what you do is the mark of quality and excellence. In all of this, the last thing you want to do is to be branded as bogus. You avoid this by learning, understanding and applying the principles, but then, personalizing it to match who you are; what you stand for; and your ideals.

Think about the people you know, who standout. Surely, some deal about it all is attributed to their originality or uniqueness. They have mastered the art of layering principles with their own style. Have fun with this one and allow it to find you because it is something that is developed over time and with practice. Trust that the more confident you feel, the more your own authenticity comes to the fore.

“Even in your passive moments, there is still a message being sent.

To conclude, communicating the life you want is not a passive endeavor, because even, in your passive moments, there is still a message being sent. However, the beauty about it is that YOU get to orchestrate the final outcome, you get to live in the splendor of seeing your efforts materialize into the life you see and desire for yourself. Cheers.