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Truth be Told: Here’s How You Handle Money Conversations

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

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At some point in our lives it becomes necessary to have conversations that are money related and the reality is that, it’s nowhere near being a comfortable topic area. Context and scenarios for having these conversations are broad and range from being asked about expected salary, during job interviews, to negotiation talks around the costs of services provided.

As a career coach, I’ve seen instances where the thought of having these conversations, halted very competent people from starting their own business, because they were unable to come to terms with being required to talk about money, with their prospective clients.

For this piece, I’ve borrowed from their sage insights to share, what has worked for them and may help to bring some resolve to you too.

Confront what’s making it difficult for you

Change can sometimes require that we come face to face with what’s triggering our fear and hesitation. As you can imagine, what each of us uncovers is going to be unique because our situations, experiences and perspectives are different but it doesn’t void the need to confront what’s making it difficult, For You.

Who knows what you might uncover. A client once shared with me that she believes that people can be labeled as givers and receivers and that she sees herself as a giver and that that belief caused her to find difficulty in receiving from others, essentially the area of finance.

She then let it be known that it was this awareness that enabled her to get into a position of forward movement. The ending couldn’t have been better.

Who knows what you might uncover

Remember its relevance

Ask yourself, ‘why is it necessary that I have this money conversation?’ Is it because you want to enjoy a salary that you accept as satisfactory? Is it necessary because it is the only way to ensure that your business survives? Your why becomes your driving force, connects you to a desired course of action, making you, slightly, more ready to have start that conversation.

Additionally, consider that that conversation is possibly what has been standing between you and your financial aspirations; the barrier between yes and no. With time and consistency, it may make the difference between you meeting or not meeting your financial desires.

Your why becomes your driving force…

Practice having the conversation

This one can be considered as a bit of mental preparation through conditioning; the gained effect is confidence. For one client, this showed up as her practicing to have these conversations with herself in front of the mirror. It was her way of building up a sense of comfort, so that she commanded increased confidence. For you, it may not be role play but do find and work with what works for you.

An additional contributor to self-competence and self-confidence comes from being knowledgeable on the intricacies involved. Things such as how much you are worth; lowest rate you’re willing to settle at; the going rate of the industry; and the ability to justify your stance will all deliver a concentrated boost of confidence, for your advantage.

Make peace with the fact that the outcome can’t be totally controlled

Kenny Rogers sang, “You never count your money, while sitting at the table. There’ll be plenty of time for counting, when the deal is done.” What I get from those two lines is that until, the deal is done, there exists the likelihood that you don’t come out with a favorable outcome, and it may not be fine, but it’s reality.

There’ll be plenty of time for counting, when the deal is done

Disappointments happen. It’s how we deal with those moments when faced with it that determines the eventual outcome that we’re left with.

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I do hope that you are just a bit more ready to face those money conversations. They aren’t easy but with the right mindset and approaches, you can make yourself, just a tad bit more ready to navigate through them. Cheers.

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