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Truth Be Told: What Defines Career Satisfaction?

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There is no single indicator for career satisfaction, since a career spans over the course of an individual’s entire work/professional life. Typically, when it comes to considering what may drive the determining factors behind career satisfaction, some key areas come to mind.

“Another recurring indicator of career satisfaction shows up as opportunities for growth.”

Areas that, eventually, venture over into the realm of personal fulfillment that one meets, after substantial investment of time and energy into their pursuit of a career. This makes it essential to hold an awareness of them, along the way.

During coaching sessions, one of the key considerations, amongst clients, that arises, on the topic of career, is the need for it to connect with a sense of purpose. Outside of a salary, a sense of purpose drives individuals to commit, in the longterm.

Sense of purpose drives individuals to commit.”

In my experience, it leads the charge in determining individual career satisfaction, even acting as a motivator, for why some clients seek movement or transitions, in their careers.

Another recurring indicator of career satisfaction shows up as opportunities for growth. Clients who express dissatisfaction and are a number of years, into their career, often share a feeling of stagnancy, describing their state as one that leaves them feeling confused, miserable or as if their potential is being wasted.

Eventually, a point in time comes, where they realize that they yearn for more. For this reason, it is important to consider what opportunities for growth exist along a desired career path and how satisfied you envision yourself being about them

An additional influence that determines career satisfaction, is its ability to present a healthy and sustainable balance, in one’s life. Balance between factors such as required work time; recognition and acknowledgment of one’s worth; remuneration received; and security are among the areas that make a career feel balanced.

That balance can be the difference between looking forward to waking up to your life or wanting to hit snooze on your alarm 9 more times.

That balance can be the difference. “

Ultimately, it can be argued that the list for what defines career satisfaction may be much more extensive but the points visited in this piece are, the recurring characters in the story of my role as a career transition coach. Rest assured that as my observations grow, I will be back to share, further.


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