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Why You Need A Life Coach

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

World class athletes, elite CEOs, high performance teams and merit worthy students all have one thing in common. They all bring in someone specialized, at some point, in the pursuit of their objectives, to help them generate the best results possible.

This person(s) shows up as a sport coach, mentor, consultant or teacher and it must be stated that this in no way means that it’s not possible to generate world class results without these support personnel involved but trust that the ride, toward the goal, would look vastly different without them.

In this piece we’ll focus, particularly, on Life Coaches and the vital role they can play, in the pursuit of your own aspirations. Just imagine you’ve recently moved into a new, unfamiliar town and you commute, daily, to your place of work or study, but you are only familiar with a single path: the main road. It takes you to your destination everyday, so what’s the bother?

The thing is that it’s filled with frustrating traffic that makes you spend a great deal of time getting to where you want to be. You get to your destination but you’re tired and stressed, you contemplate turning back and, maybe, some days you do but what can you do, right? I mean, it’s all you know and you’re unable to see another way.

Now imagine, someone comes along and shows you that there’s a map…

Now imagine, someone comes along and shows you that there’s a map, for your usage and challenges you to take another path. The map empowers you with an overhead view, when it is laid out in front of you. You see your starting point, you see your destination, with your enlightened perspective but, now, you also see pathways that you were not privy to, before.

Your brain is triggered and you’re thinking out of the box, on your own; connecting dots that you didn’t, even, know existed; seeing the places that unavoidably created delays in your transit time; and all of a sudden, you are able to mitigate. You’re, now, aware that it’s more than possible to get to your destination in not only less time than you thought, but you’re also able to alleviate the stress and exhaustion, felt, on the path you previously took.

Furthermore, it gets better because the mystery person, who brought the map to your attention will journey with you to your destination, if you allow, and they never tell you which path to choose. All they do is continue to ensure that you have that great view of the map; the one that broadened your perspective, in the first place, and you are always in the driver’s seat.

This is exactly what happens when you work on your goals alongside a life coach. The life coach is the mystery person, there to support you. He/she knows that it’s quite possible for you to get to your goals, dreams and desires, on your own. Matter of fact, any coach who is worth your time, already believes that you are whole, creative, resourceful and capable of solving problems, on your own.

The coach is only there, to help you see that map, the fresh perspectives, challenge you to try new paths, identify obstacles and plan the next logical step that will get you to your destination, maximizing on your time and results. That’s why you need a life coach.