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Why You Should be Excited to Fail

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Right away, this sounds like the kind of topic that someone, who's lost their mind, would endorse, but even the insane can impart wisdom. The idea of failure is pretty much denounced, when mentioned, almost as if the likelihood of it happening, lessens the faster it is denounced. Could we possibly find something of value, in the ash and rubble, of our failures?

Wins, loses, lessons

Coaches, whether clients are up or down, winning or losing, we stop to observe insights about what's coming up for them. The takeaways they have tend to be most empowering. Being asked to share what's coming up in a given moment, triggers presence and introspection that enables the learning process to work, all the way, to completion.

Further, your takeaways will be unique and relevant to the affairs of your story. These new perspectives can be used to help you to rebound and fortify your ability to stand up to the rigors of your journey.

Your takeaways will be unique and relevant to the affairs of your story.

Areas that need improvement are revealed

No one is rock solid, all the time, and every plan has a margin of error or failure, and with this, there comes opportunities. Each time that a fail or failure happens, it shows off that room for improvement exists and with the right awareness, you can walk away a bit more aware and empowered to give it another go.

Look for the areas that you need some support and reach out. You'd be surprised how willing people are to give assistance, if you are specific about what you're asking. Reach out to your team, family, social network, mentor and life coach, for insight that can help you chart a way forward.

The desire to be challenged

Thinking about getting it wrong, or missing the mark is enough to make a heart skip several beats. Failure can be a daunting place to navigate out of but moving on means having to conquer what put you there, in the first place. This requires sheer willpower and drive because it may not be an easy road.

Matter of fact, taking the easy way out will likely cross your mind but you know that this is not how your success story goes. Holding on to your 'why' and reflect on what makes doing this important should provide you with enough fuel and drive to get back in the race and conquer the challenges ahead.

Ultimately, life is made up of wins and loses, successes and failures, and we can do all within our power to attain successful results but sometimes, failure will just happen. The things we can control are what matters. The mindset we carry will affect how we relate to the outcomes we find ourselves experiencing.

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